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About Mentoring

UPSIDE offers virtual mentoring to underrepresented psychology students.  High school students and undergraduates will be paired with doctoral students.  Doctoral students will be paired with professionals in the field.

Mentoring can occur as a one time consultation, weekly contact, or monthly contact. Topics can include application to graduate school/internship/postdoc, entering the profession, navigating life as an underrepresented psychology student in your program, etc.  Mentoring is not a replacement for individual psychotherapy, however; please contact your school's student counseling center for assistance with more personal problems.

All members of UPSIDE are available to serve as mentors.  In addition, professionals from around the country have graciously offered to provide mentoring to underrepresented psychology students.









Interested in  mentorship?

Click on the buttons to explore ways to get involved!!

Visit the American Psychological Association's Introduction to Mentoring to learn more about being a mentor.

If you are a student interested in receiving mentoring, please click Mentor Request Form and send us an email stating your interest! One of our faculty directors will contact you.

If you are a professional interested in serving as a mentor, please click Mentor Questionnaire and send us an email stating your interest!  One of our faculty directors will provide you with an application.

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